; Turkish Belly Dancing
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Turkish Belly Dancing


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The belly dancing that is practiced in Turkey can trace its roots to Anatolian fertility
rites. These sensuous dances are used to display the curves and bodies of women
through their graceful moves. The belly dancing that is practiced today in Turkey can
still have some of the elements of this ancient dance.
You can see the influence of other dance styles in Turkish belly dancing but it is very
different from most other belly dancing done in other parts of the world. Belly
dancing in Turkey is a common part of daily life. It can be seen on television and at
celebrations for every event. It does bring in a certain amount of tourism, but the
tourist trade is just one small part of belly dancing.
It's An Art
Belly dancing has evolved in Turkey over time. It has been given the freedom to
naturally change over time because there have been no restrictions placed on the
dance. Turkish belly dancers can express their art form in any way they see fit. These
dancers have often changed the dance into something that is more physically
challenging than the dances seen in other countries.
The belly dancers in Turkey often wear lower cut tops and slits in their skirts that
reach all the way up the leg. They have been allowed to be as sexy as they want to be
when they are performing their dance. These sexy costumes have become very
popular in the west as well.
Turkish costumes don't typically use the coins that you see in other belly dancing
costumes. They make use of beading for the embellishments on their costumes. The
dancers also dance with finger cymbals. The use of finger cymbals is considered to be
a test of a dancers skill. It is not easy to dance while playing these cymbals.
Male Belly Dancers
Usually you think of females when you think of belly dancing, but men practice the
dance as well in Turkey. Belly dancing requires a great deal of strength and flexibility
and men are just as capable of performing the routines as women.
There has been some controversy surrounding the male belly dancers. But even with
the controversy male dancers will often jump up on the stage and try to keep up with
the star of the show. They are typically not successful.
No doubt that Turkish belly dancing will continue through the ages. It will be allowed
to evolve into another form of the dance. It is a respected part of Turkish culture and
is not likely to go away. It has become popular among women in the west who
understand the sensuality and physical strength required to perform the routines.

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