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Art has a special place in the history of Indian Art and Its existence had been since
ancient times in India. It had been common for households to paint their doorways or
indoor rooms where guests resided. Paintings and artworks at Ajanta, Bagh and
Sittanvasal talk openly about the true love, Indians had for artworks and paintings.

Contemporary artists in India have outshone others in their modern works; however
traditional artists too have left breathtaking masterpieces which remain unique and
unparalleled in the history of mankind. The importance of religion, spiritualism,
traditions, festivals and philosophy have been apparently portrayed in the traditional
art pieces.

Artists have tried their best to express their feelings and imaginations through art and
have revealed the noblest aims and aspirations of India's spiritual pursuit. Art has been
long understood here as collaboration between God and man and has been used as a
tool to express his experience and understanding of the inner an outer world.

Traditional paintings in India include the miniature paintings, these are the paintings
which are executed on a very small scale on material such as paper, cloth, etc., and
they are rare and not so common nowadays. The examples are Rajasthani & Mughal
miniatures. If you evaluate an Indian miniature, it seem to be dominated by male and
female figures, the same here forms the basis of Indian music and art forms.
Other than miniature paintings there are decorative paintings. These are the paintings
made on silk, handmade paintings on silk, interior suppliers paintings, etc.

Art in India is refined, vivid, sophisticated and bold and spirited at the same time.
Religion had been an essential element in the traditional art; it had been the focus
around which all the art ideas and imaginations have evolved and thrived. Artists have
worked really hard to produce the stunning masterworks. Whatever be their languages
or scripts, it seems as if they considered art as the best instrument to express their
feelings, quests, imaginations and faith.

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