Top Arabian Party Theme Ideas by aihaozhe2


To throw and Arabian party theme or an Arabian nights party, your aim is to try and
create an air of mysticism surrounding princes, princess, kings, queens and thieves.

Your aim is to recreate the desert of Morocco. So you should try and host your party
at night, at the beach. This is not essential though, you could hold it in your back
garden or in a local park.

I highly suggest you try and rent out a Bedouin tent. They come in all shapes and
sizes and will help make your party one to remember. This of course will be
dependant on your budget, however for this party theme to work properly and be
memorable you really should be thinking about hiring a tent.

For your costume, think kings, queens, princes, princess and thieves. As an alternative
you could go for an Aladdin or Jasmine look; slinky harem pants, medallions, pointed
slippers, turbans and bracelets.

If you have gone for the tent, most of your furniture needs to be as low down as
possible, your guests will preferably be sitting on the floor. So get plenty of nice rugs
and cushions. Get some patio lanterns and candles to light your tent and hang crescent
moons and stars from the ceiling.

Budget dependant, consider hiring a hena artist, belly dancer, snake charmer, fortune
teller or fire eater. Also if you have access to a goat, tie it up to a post outside your
tent. Watch it doesnt chew away on the canvas.

The food should ideally be served on the floor off platters while everybody is sitting
on the floor on cushions and rugs. Look into making some traditional middle eastern

For true authenticity, it is traditional for guests to bathe their fingers in scented water
before eating. Just put a few drops essential oil in water for this.

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