Tips For Buying Concert And Event Tickets Online by aihaozhe2


NOTE: I am a web developer and have worked on several web sites that sell tickets
and travel services online. I do not buy or sell tickets. However, I still maintain Your
Official Tickets. Im not recommending Your Official Tickets or any other online ticket
site. The following tips and guidelines will work for anyone purchasing tickets online.

That being said, I can offer some good tips on who, where and when to buy concert or
event tickets online.

A google search will yield many complaints and frustrating experiences consumers
have had with online concert ticket brokers. That doesnt mean that you cant find the
tickets you need from a safe merchant with a good reputation. Please take a few
minutes to read the brief tips below. You will save time and money. Most importantly,
you will know that you will actually get the tickets you ordered at the best possible

First of all there are two types of ticket sites online. A broker site is a ticket broker
who usually has a limited number of tickets for event in their local area. The second
type of event ticket site is a broker collective site. By broker collective, I mean a site
that has tickets listed from multiple sources. Of the two I recommend a broker
collective. They will definitely have a larger ticket selection and generally lower
prices. Most single brokers are a member of one or more ticket exchanges. So you
will save some time as well.

Second you want to make sure you are buying from a ticket site that has a good
reputation. This is fairly simple. First of all got to the BBB and do a search for the
business. If the ticket site is not a member or has many complaints find another ticket
site. I'd also recommend a google search. Again if you find many complaints on
google find another site. Your Official Tickets and many other sites are safe. Just take
a few minutes and follow the steps above before you buy.

The last thing to do is to compare ticket prices among the sites. Some sites offer a
discount code. Most have a service fee that is not added to the price until you get to
the checkout page. You are going to have to pay a service fee and a shipping fee no
matter what site you choose. If the ticket service fee is higher than 15% look for
another ticket site. You can find them cheaper. Shipping is generally $15 via FedEx.

So now that you've found a safe site with the tickets you want, when should you buy?
It depends upon the event. In general though, ASAP. For popular events such as
Wicked and NFL tickets, the longer you wait, the more you will end up paying. For
most sold out events or VIP tickets, buying tickets 3-4 weeks before the event is fine.

Hope this helps. Good luck shopping for tickets online and enjoy the show.

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