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Absolutely awesome. I'm referring to Michael Jackson's movie stage performance
"This Is It".

Ladies and gentlemen, this really is "it". The last and final works of MJ about to show
the world that he is still King of Pop and always will be the ultimate performer. If you
notice I'm not using "was" past tense here. Because I believe very much that MJ's
music is still alive with all of us. And it is because of that he himself will never die.

Watching the man perform at 50 and seeing creativity develop right from the core is
spectacular. You are seeing the man himself preparing for millions and millions of
fans out there who are eagerly waiting for him in London.

"This Is It" was the final curtain call for Michael Jackson as he stated this to the
crowd during the press conference held inside The O2 arena. MJ had many reasons to
perform this show. To let his kids - Prince, Paris and Blanket - watch the real
performer their father was back in the day. Even at 50 years, the man is still the best
performer in the world. Honestly if you were to watch him rehearse, you can see why
he always comes up with the most fantastic performance.

What caught me buy surprise though as I sat down in the cinema, was that the cinema
was not even half full! The movie released nationwide on the 28th of October and
when I had bought my tickets two weeks ago, according to the guy behind the counter,
he told us that the movie was sold out. Oddly enough.. there weren't that many people
checking out the movie, despite it only being shown on the silver screen for two
weeks. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it is shown around the same time as
Halloween. Causing movie goers to skip a show or two.

All the same, I enjoyed watching the last bits of MJ preparing for his best
performance ever. La Toya may have her reservations that MJ won't be pleased that
the world may not be seeing the perfectionist at his best - cause after all, what we are
watching is a rehearsal. However i think otherwise. Whilst the movie "This Is It" may
just be a rehearsal of the legendary MJ making a come back, but it really goes to show
much effort was placed into it.

"Everyone (the audience) is looking for escapism. They want to be entertained. So go
at it at your best," Michael Jackson. I paraphrased it a bit, but that was what he
encouraged his crew members, dancers and singers as they huddled in a big circle
after a rehearsal.

How great is it. Just imagine, the fans.. FANS are dancing with Michael Jackson and
these are fantastic dancers, singers included. They get to watch their idol perform for
them.. for 'free'. Eat your heart out So You Think You Can Dance, for this audition i
think beats even that show. Performers, whom from a young age were inspired by MJ
and started dancing or singing because of him, get their ultimate dream which is to
perform right beside him.. I can only imagine how devastated the entire production
team must have felt when MJ left them.

MJ didn't give a full out performance. Obviously not as he would probably be drained
from doing it over and over again. You could see during the rehearsal for 'Thriller' he
didn't go all out on the dance routine. His dancers however were going at 100%. Who
wouldn't, it's Michael and he would expect nothing less. Speaking of that, I was really
looking forward to at least catch a glimpse of the wonderful costumes that were
prepared for the show. The costume designers were saying that there was technology
not even out there yet such. The crowd would have been bedazzled with 4 million
Swarovski crystals and lighted up using LED technology. Read more about that here.

MJ's This Is It did not make anything big in the box office yet but it is well on its way
to making history for a musical documentary. It already grossed in 2.2 million
domestically on it's first day. Read on here.

Behind the glitter and glamour, the sweat and mistakes during rehearsals. MJ never
once kicked up a tantrum. He knew his music and he knew what he wanted out of his
production cast and crew. Whenever something went wrong, he would mention it
politely saying, that it is not going right and they would have things rectified
immediately. You can't afford to waste time in not getting something imperfect for his
last show ever.

Every once in a while MJ would murmur.. "This is why we rehearse". Knowing full
well that by the time the show hits the road, everything would already be in place.

MJ you are still King of Pop and we can say it is a waste that you left us too soon.
There will be some of us who are glad that in your death.. whatever bad publicity that
was out there has been washed away. People will now truly remember you for the
performer that you are and were. None would be able to disagree with that. The man
who brought the internet to a stop and caused all sorts of media to get jammed.

As a young boy MJ started at his peak. And now even in death, MJ has left at his

Head on to Itunes to hear a snippet of his song "This is It".

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