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Jobs are scarce and pay is often low but things are looking up for people who want a
service oriented career. Have you ever thought about signing up for an EMT program
and becoming a certified EMT? If you have then you are thinking about a field that
has opportunities for advancement and plenty of challenges and excitement each day
that you are on the job.

When you consider that you also begin this line of work with a solid starting salary of
$25,000+ it starts to seem like things are indeed looking up. The initial training for
you to become an EMT at a basic level can be accomplished in just a matter of a few
months. And lets not overlook the fact that you are going to get some much needed,
on the job experience along with your EMT program courses.

There are some things that you need to be aware of when thinking about becoming an
EMT. EMTs are the first responders on the scene of some terrible accidents and
emergency situations. As such, they have to face blood, broken bones, illnesses, body
fluids, and even death. The job is very physical as well, requiring bodies to be moved
and lifted, CPR to be administered and more. However, because EMTs have to face
these things, it is a highly rewarding position, since they save peoples lives on a
regular basis, and give comfort to those they meet.

Becoming Certified

There are many EMT programs that can help you get started as an emergency medical
technician. You can find EMT program outlines and courses by browsing online. Then
you can decide which one is best suited for you.
You should determine which specific EMT program will best provide the basic
knowledge that you need as an entry level EMT. Online courses are especially
convenient if you have to work other jobs while training to become an EMT. The
great benefit of an EMT program that features online training is that you are allowed
to complete the coursework at your own pace.

Another way to take EMT program courses is through community colleges or
technical colleges. These schools also work with you if you need to continue working
another job while going to school. There are usually financial aid opportunities and
scholarships available at most schools, plus the classes are usually scheduled at all
times of the day and evening so that you can find a schedule that works for you.

If you are interested in pursuing higher levels of EMT training, you might want to
look for an EMT program that leads to becoming a paramedic. Then you will need to
continue your studies at a community college or four year school. Paramedic training
requires more difficult coursework, such as classes in advanced anatomy and
physiology and there are many practical, hands-on elements that are involved. People
who want to become a paramedic often pursue this dream after gaining experience in
the field for a couple of years at a basic or intermediate EMT level.

Paramedics have more knowledge of the different medications that can be utilized
while in transit; are taught how to insert a variety of IVs for life-saving fluids, and
know how to use all of the advanced life support, emergency response equipment that
is available in the ambulances.
They are also the ones that the nurses and doctors will look to when they need
detailed information when the patient arrives at the hospital so that they are clear
about the situation. Certain 911 calls can also require the services of a trained, skilled
paramedic. Pursuing an EMT program will provide you with the necessary
coursework that can be the bridge you need to move into nursing or another medical
field at a later date.

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