Things To Learn About Aztec Tattoos by aihaozhe2


Tattoos have been around for centuries and used for reasons that go beyond their
aesthetic quality. One tribe popular for their tattoo is the Aztec tribe. The particular
tribe has been quite advanced in their time, incorporating skin art in their culture to
the point that most of their symbols are still being used today.

The tribe used to inhabit the land mass that is now known as Mexico. They lived
between the 13th and 16thcentury with most of their activities centered on religion.
Hence, it is not surprising that some of the tattoo designs inspired by the Aztecs are
created for the gods with most tribal rituals performed with these tattoos. However,
the designs are also functional since they serve identification purposes for the tribe. A
particular ink is used to determine which tribe a person belongs to and is also used to
depict a persons social status. For example, a warriors accomplishments are likely to
be displayed on their skin as a message to all his strengths and influences within the
tribe. The children of the tribe are also known to have tattoos, another sign that skin
art is an important part of their culture.

As mentioned, most Aztec-style tattoos are centered on religion with the Sun god,
Huitzilopochtili, being at the fore of the list. Modern culture believes that the sun is a
symbol for the afterlife while the Aztecs thought of it as a protector for the heavens.
Quetzalcoatl is the serpent god of ancient Mexico, considered as the most powerful of
all the Aztec gods, he rules over the weather, creativity and fertility. Other tattoo
symbols associated with the tribe include cross tattoos, sun and moon tattoos and
eagle designs which a warrior believed to be a source of strength.

Nowadays, the varied meanings of the Aztec tattoo designs are seriously being taken
into account when having the symbols inked. Those who use this design possess an
in-depth idea about what the symbols represent. Some known symbols of the Aztec
are princesses, the eagle and the Aztec calendar. Colors may vary depending on your
preferences, but the tribe symbols are normally done in black ink.

The back or the biceps are the most common body parts where the tattoos are places
since the designs are usually large. Sun and eagle tattoos may be scaled to smaller
sizes that could fit the wrist or ankle. However, the Aztecs were not only mindful of
the symbol itself but also its placement. For example, a symbol placed on the chest,
wrist or stomach represents a persons commitment to a certain god.

Make sure that you know the meaning of each symbol before going for an Aztec
tattoo design. This shows that the art form is not only for aesthetic reason but also
brandishes the pride a person may have for his heritage. Celebrities known for
theirAztec tattoos include Brian Green from Terminator and Sarah Connor Chronicles
who has an Aztec thunderbird on her shoulder.

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