The World Of Van Gogh- Inside Van Gogh Paintings

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The world of art has had some very talented artists and one of the most famous is
Vincent Van Gogh. In fact, of all the oil paintings that have ever been painted Van
Gogh paintings are some of the most popular for art reproductions. A little
background information on Van Gogh helps put his art career in perspective.

When Van Gogh was young he used mostly water colors although finding a confirmed
water color by Van Gogh is incredibly challenging. His youth was not dedicated to art,
but his adult life was. Around 1880 Van Gogh made the decision to make art his life.
It took him a few years before others were seeking his work although some were
disappointed with the results specifically his uncle. Regardless of this setback, Van
Gogh continued with his art and practiced many styles. Some of those styles were
criticized during that time period but today are considered masterpieces. These
criticisms however are what turned Van Gogh onto oil paintings.

His first oil paintings were destroyed by Van Gogh himself because they did not turn
out as he had anticipated. Some that survived include The Cottage, The Potato Eaters
and The Old Tower. After painting these Van Gogh realized his technique lacked
technical skill, so he set out to learn it.

As Van Goghs technical skills improved so did his paintings. However, Van Gogh was
never aware of his talent to the degree that individuals are today. He mostly critiqued
his efforts and even destroyed many of his own paintings because they simply were
not good enough. Today, those paintings he destroyed would likely sell for hundreds
of thousands of dollars if not millions.

Much of Van Goghs life played into his paintings and the subject matter. For instance
when he was in Saint Remy in the asylum he painted the view from his window. He
could see a wheat field and this is what he painted. So his life events directly
influenced his oil paintings. Today, Van Gogh is considered one of the most
outstanding artists of all time, an honor that would humble the artist and possibly even
surprise him.

Buying an actual Vincent Van Gogh artwork is only a dream for most people, but
there are many art reproductions available in poster form and even in oil paint. So, if
you like Van Gogh art but dont have millions to buy one of your own consider a
reproduction that is almost as beautiful and significantly cheaper.

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