The Top 5 Rides At Portaventura Theme Park

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You dont need to go all the way to Florida to find theme park heaven; Europes most
thrilling rollercoasters are just a short flight away. PortAventura theme park in Salou,
Spain, is a positive scream-fest of a place, where you can blast off at high speed, loop
the loop, get a good soaking and plummet hundreds of feet out of the sky (safely of
course), all close to the golden shores of the Mediterranean.
Heres our guide to the most adrenaline-fuelled rides at PortAventura theme park:

Furius Baco
Just inside the park entrance, Furius Baco will really get your visit to PortAventura off
to a flying start. The fastest in Europe when it opened in June 2007, this floorless
coaster reaches 83.9 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds. Expect mad professors,
naughty monkeys and stomach-lurching twists and turns on the fastest 55 seconds of
your life.

If you like your theme park rides to shake you about a bit, PortAventuras popular
wooden rollercoaster is for you. Stampida has plenty of tense climbs and scary drops
to have you screaming your head off, with the added fun of 2 parallel tracks racing
against each other. Fasten your seatbelts because youre in for a bumpy ride.

Dragon Khan
Dragon Khans looping red track dominates the PortAventura skyline, and it just might
dominate your day too. Starting from 148ft high, youll plummet straight into the 8
loops, rolls and corkscrews, a world record when it was built, for 1 minute and 45
seconds of pure adrenaline.

Hurakan Condor
Hold on to your lunch as you drop from a height of 100m (or 330 feet - whichever
way you look at it, its pretty high). Many drop ride fans rate Hurakon Condor one of
the worlds best thanks to the different ways it can be experienced: depending on the
side of the tower you board from, you can sit in regular seats, tilting seats or stand!

Tutuki Splash
A day at PortAventura theme park just wouldnt be complete without a good soaking.
Set around a volcano, Tutuki Splash is the best of Portaventuras water rides and
guarantees to leave you and your mates dripping. Brave the almighty splash of
Tutukis double drop, then get squirted with water guns just when you think its all over.
And if you wear waterproofs, youre cheating!

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