The Top 3 Of Choosing Color Contact Lenses by aihaozhe2


You decide to change your color eye with color contact lenses and dont have ideal
about which one is working the best for your eye? Find out here what are they, and
what color contact lenses will make your eye looking more impressive and beauty.

disposable contact lenses are among one of them (1day, 1 week or 1 month) as well
tradition lenses. Each of them has its strength and weakness.

Why I recommend for disposable contact lenses because they are the most health for
the eye. The lens nature is thinner so that it allows more oxygen pass through to your
cornea. Furthermore, there less problem for protein build up with disposable contact
lenses as doesnt have time to build up. Thirds, if you always change lenses risk
bacterial infection is much lower. So that disposable contact lenses like Freshlook or
Acuvue 2 color are much better. If you want to wear coloured contact lenses every
day for longer hour ,disposable color lenses are most recommended.

Color lenses for dark eye

If the eyes, blue or green, dark brown contact lenses opaque is only option. Wearing
color lenses will only be disappointed.

Acuvue 2 color opaque the lens allowed worn only for 2 weeks it creates soft looking
Freshlook Colorblends - bright color and patterns with a natural looking opaque,
monthly disposable lens. Blue, Sapphire, Amethyst and Green are the most popular
Durasoft 2 and 3 opaque - bright, color natural and yet looking. Color Durasoft annual
replacement hand paint contact lenses. Durasoft 3 is good but price is expensive.

Color lenses for light eye

If the eyes are light, you may use both enhancer of color contact lenses and opaque.
You can choose to change the color of an opaque lenses, due to green is over blue eye.
The result is unpredictable.
Color lenses recommend for light eye.

Freshlook Radiance including monthly contact lenses that make eyes look sparkling
and bright. Radiance comes in Moonlight, Eden, Autumn and Sunrise. The Radiance
is really sparkling.
Freshlook Dimensions - disposable lenses like monthly contact lenses that do not
change your eye color, but the lenses impressive your eye more depth and look more.
Durasoft 2 for light eyes is annual contact lenses. The lens seems quite natural, due to
the painted pattern and colors. The lenses available like Aquamarine, Jade Green,
Violet Blue and Sky Blue.
Those with light eye should be extra careful. Some enhancer color contact lenses that
make light eyes look darker. This color contact lenses type can be quite unusual try to
use for opaque lenses that enhance light color. Soft Blue Illusion and Soft Green are
among the good choice.

If you just purely want to change your appearance, have a try for
color contact lenses it are a best choice. Today get yourself a couple of bright color
contact lenses.

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