The Rise Of Mary-louise Parker In Hollywood by aihaozhe2


Mary Louise Parker can be seen as a true rising star in Hollywood. As a steadily
working actress in both New York and Hollywood, we can see how Mary Louise
Parker created a stunning and highly impressive career and continues to thrive
nowadays, thanks in part mainly to her having snag a really cool and very impressive
lead role on the Showtime hit television show "Weeds". In this highly popular
network television show we can see how Mary Louise Parker plays a struggling single
mom, having just become a widow, trying to make ends meet. Until one day she
discovers how lucrative and profitable selling weed can be. The show itself is
hilarious and very addicting to anyone that watches it!

But aside from having a new hit television show, Mary Louise Parker has also had a
Tony award winning career right on Broadway for many years with hit productions
such as "Proof" and "Prelude to a kiss". As far as successful film roles she's been in
includes Fried Green Tomatoes and Boys on the side. She was also in HBO's
adaptation of the popular Broadway hit in which she won both Emmy and Golden
Glow awards for her take in "Angels in America".

Let's take a look at all of the multitude of awards that she's won starting from 1990!

Prelude to a kiss- Theatre World Award- 1990
Prelude to a kiss- Clarence Derwent Award-1990
How I learned to drive- OBIE Award for outstanding performance- 1997
How I learnd to drive- Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding actress- 1997
Proof- OBIE award performance- 2001
Proof- Tony Award for an actress in a play- 2001

She's also won a total of 2 awards for her 2004 role in Angels in America, including a
Golden Globe Award for best supporting actress in a series and also an Emmy Award
for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie.

And of course who could forget her well deserved Golden Globe Award for Best
Actress in a comedy series for "Weeds" in 2006. Weeds is her critically acclaimed
performance in which she played a grieving widow named Nancy Botwin who
struggles as a stay-at-home mom trying her best to make ends meet. Nancy soon finds
herself in the marijuana trade, selling weed to all of her neighborhoods customers.
The best part is that she goes by completely unnoticed by any of her neighbors!

Soon, Nancy evolved as a very savvy business woman who often struggles to balance
her family life and her newfound "career". Nonetheless, Nancy went from almost
nothing to a full fledged queen pin entrepreneur, leading the weed selling business in
her entire community! It's hard to believe that this show has already lasted a full four
seasons, with a fifth season coming up in just a few months! You can never really tell
what Nancy's up to and that's just what makes this show so darn interesting!
It's truly an exciting show and never leaves any dull moments at all!

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