The Reality Of Reality Tv- The History by aihaozhe2


If you watch any amount of television, no doubt you are aware of the Reality TV
craze in America. Reality TV has become amazingly popular throughout the country,
with millions tuning in to their favorite reality show. With new shows being added to
the reality list each year, this is a television phenomenon that is here to stay. While
you may not have realized it, Reality TV has been around some time and has
developed into the amazing craze that we know of today.

The History

Reality TV has now been around almost fifteen years, starting back in 1992 with the
show, The Real World, which was done on MTV. This was the very beginning of
reality TV and it has progressed since then to become what we know of today. The
Real World was basically a show that had several people from a variety of different
backgrounds live together, and their interactions among one another were filmed for
people to watch on television. In 2002, Reality TV was brought to new levels with the
hit show Survivor, which was aired by CBS. Since the success of Survivor, other
networks have begun airing reality shows, until now primetime television is actually
dominated by shows of this kind.

Why People Love It
There are many reasons that people have fallen in love with Reality TV, and one of
those reasons is the money. Where else on TV do regular people find the opportunities
to win great sums of money. Shows that offer large sums of money are instant
attention grabbers, since people love to watch other normal people win large amounts
of money, and by the same token, many times they get to watch them lose large sums
of money as well.

Another reason that Reality TV has become such a big hit is because of the promise of
instant fame. Many people dream of what it would be like to be on television and to
be famous, and most people do not get that opportunity in their lives. Reality TV
allows normal people to live out their dream of fame, without having to make it big in
Hollywood. Lastly, people also enjoy this type of television so much because they
have the pleasure of watching people fail and succeed. Many people get a thrill out of
watching others fail, and others love to see their favorite contestant win, so it becomes
the type of show that they never want to miss.

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