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The Philippine Flowers Express


Looking for an online Philippine Florists shop that offers not only the finest
collections of flowers but also the best service in delivery? Then the perfect place for
you is Flowers Express. Flowers Express is one of the many online Philippine Florists
shop in the country that offers some of the best collections of flowers and the best
delivery service unique from Flowers Express. This is because Flowers Express is one
of the many expansions that made LBC more than just a courier company, but a
foundation of the Filipino ingenuity.

Started in 2005, Flowers Express is known as the all-occasion, no-occasion flower
delivery service around the Philippines. It offers the fastest and the most reliable
delivery service coming from its founder, LBC. Their world-class suppliers provides
the team with premium flowers that are produced using state-of-the-art, cutting-edge
technology. Thats why other than any kind of online Philippine Florists, Flowers
Express is sure to deliver the highest quality at the best value.

Flowers Express' uses the latest in imported greenhouse technology blended with
Filipino ingenuity providing the highest quality flowers available in the country.
Partnering with the best growers in the country, we guarantee a stable supply of
flowers all year.

What made Flowers Express more popular with the Filipinos in and out of the country
is because of its delivery services. Flowers Express offers free nationwide
door-to-door delivery and within 24 hours. To ensure the freshness of the flower stays,
Flowers Express' floral bouquets are encased in elegant yet sturdy packaging to
ensure that the flowers arrive fresh to its destination. A flower care tips bookmark is
enclosed so you can enjoy your flowers longer. A special Flowers Express greeting
card is also included where you can write a personal message to your loved one.

Flowers Express guarantees their customers that their flowers are grown, selected and
hand-picked by the best growers in the country and then shipped directly to their
customers or to other recipient. This process usually takes within 24 hours of being
cut. As such, some flowers will arrive with their buds closed so they can begin
opening upon arrival.

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