The Performance Of Shrek On Broadway According To Shrek The Musical Reviews by aihaozhe2


Shrek the musical reviews proclaim Dreamworks Theatricals maiden Broadway
venture as a fairly average production. This maiden venture is said to have been
created at a budget of $24 million. The sets of Shrek the Musical have been designed
by Tim Hatley and bear clear evidence of this lofty price tag. The designs are a
mixture of high-tech and old-style backdrops. Ornate style frames and pop-up picture
book visuals combine with puppets and elaborate costumes to create a truly magical

The play which is based on the 2001 animated movie version of a childrens story by
William Steig is based on an ogre who lives in a swamp and falls in love with a
Princess. While rescuing Princess Fiona from a tower, Shrek, the ogre comes to learn
all about love and how people should not be judged on appearances alone.

The Cast Of Shrek Meets The Expectations

According to Shrek the musical reviews, the principal cast more or less meets the
requirements set forth as per the script. Brian dArcy James who portrays Shrek, the
giant green ogre, deserves special mention for remaining appealing even in the ogre
like get-up. Sutton Foster is, as usual, impressive in her role as Princess Fiona.
Suttons role as the princess, however, does not demand much as compared to her
recent performances in Young Frankenstein and Drowsy Chaperone. As the Shrek the
musical reviews state, Christopher Sieber who plays the pint-sized despotic Lord
Farquaad needs to be truly applauded. The naturally tall Sieber had to perform almost
the entire role on his knees. John Tartaglia as the frustrated Pinocchio also provides
for some light moments. The odd one out in the cast appears to be Daniel Breaker
who plays Shreks companion, Donkey and manages to look totally effeminate in the

Unlike other musicals like The Little Mermaid or The Lion King, Shrek is more in
favour of literal representations rather than stylized solutions. This is evident in the
fat-suits and green head-masks worn by Shrek and Princess Fiona, his part-time ogre
sweetheart. Shrek the musical reviews claim that the real accomplishment of the
production, however, is the fact that the gigantic set-pieces and busy visuals do not
detract from the appeal of the actors and the characters that they portray.

The Success Of Shrek The Musical

In the recent past, there have been a number of films that have attempted to narrate a
fairy tale with a contemporary touch but few have tasted success the way Shrek has.
The musical follows the original storyline of the 2001 movie which conjured up true
enchantment without being overtly quaint or sentimental. The irreverent charm that is
a vital part of the movie remains in the theatrical version too. Although the
storytelling does run into some bumpy patches and the songs do not quite hit the note,
Shrek is never short on spectacle or comedy. As Shrek the musical reviews state, the
show is a genuine contender for a share of the Disney market on Broadway.

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