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Nintendo's newest addition to the DS family of handheld systems has been announced!
The DSi has been confirmed to be released in Japan in November, and is slated to hit
Western markets later next year.
Nintendo's DS was originally released to eager gamers in 2004. The hugely popular
system introduced an intuitive touchscreen, a built-in microphone, and a wide range
of titles for almost every genre. In 2006, Nintendo released the DS Lite, a sleeker
repackaging of the original DS.
So will the DSi be just another repackaging of the same system?
The answer is, thankfully, no. Although the DS Lite did present gamers with a fancy
new case and packaging, the product itself did not do much, component-wise, to
really stand apart from its predecessor. With the DSi, however, Nintendo has already
solidified several key changes and additions that will certainly separate it from the
previous DS systems.
Cosmetically, Nintendo has made some slight modifications. Like the DS Lite, the
DSi will have some slight physical changes to the design, including bigger screens
(3.25 inches) and matte colors for the casing (versus the glossy DS Lite).
Nintendo will also be reducing the size of the DSi, making it 2.6mm thinner than the
already slim DS Lite. Unfortunately the reduction in size means that Nintendo had to
sacrifice backward-compatibility. The DSi, unlike its predecessors, will not be able to
play Game Boy Advance titles.
But perhaps the biggest cosmetic change to the system is the addition of both an
external camera and a VGA camera (which is located on the hinge). Users will be able
to capture 640x480 pictures, and edit them using the touchscreen.
The DSi will also include an SD-card slot, as well as on-board memory. Nintendo is
hoping to expand the role of the DSi into the realm of multimedia devices, allowing
owners to utilize their DSi as a media player. Unfortunately, the device will not
support the MP3 format, but only AAC files.
The DSi will include a Nintendo DS web browser, and the ability to download games
using Nintendo points. Users will be able to purchase Points and use them to buy
games offered through Nintendo's DS Wares.
The DSi is certainly chock full of new features and gadgets, making gamers and
technophiles alike giddy in anticipation, myself included. Nintendo has done a terrific
job garnering attention and excitement regarding the release of the new system, but
will it surpass the DS Lite? I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

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