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The Moody Blues tickets are available once again, and this completely unique English
rock and roll band has been taking the genre in new directions and influencing bands
that have followed for more than 40 years. The Moody Blues were a distinct departure
from the normal rock and roll styles of their time when they initially hit the scene, and
their style continues to move into new directions to this day.

Band Beginnings

The band originally came together in Birmingham, England in the early 1960s, and
each of the original members had been playing in local bands without much more than
regional success. Ultimately, each of the five original members grew together to form
The Moody Blues and performed for the first time under their current moniker in their
home town in 1964. Their name was derived from what was supposed to be a
sponsorship from the local M&B brewery, even though that arrangement never came
to fruition.

The Moody Blues continued to play local and regional clubs, and their intensely
psychedelic style soon gathered a loyal following. It wasnt long before The Moody
Blues tickets became a very popular item, and this gained the notice of record
companies in England.

Commercial Success

The band signed with Decca Records later that year, and their first two released
singles hit the charts. However, it was their second single release, Go Now, which
climbed all the way to the top of the UK charts and to number 10 in the United States.
From there, the bands name was known around the world, and they capitalized on this
newfound fame by continuing to improvise and create a new style of rock and roll.

It was their 1967 release, Days of Future Passed, which really set their name in stone
as true musical stars. This release contained two legendary singles, including Nights
in White Satin and Tuesday Afternoon, and these songs continue to be their most
popular and recognizable releases to this day.

The band continued to tour aggressively, and in 1973, citing burnout, they decided to
go their separate ways for a time. However, they finally got back together in 1977,
and since then they have continued to expand their horizons, performing as part of
musicals and in collaboration with several symphonies around the world.

If youd like a night of mood-enhancing music, you need to secure The Moody Blues
tickets and allow your spirit to be taken in directions youve never before experienced
at a concert.

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