; The Life Of Anthony Thieme
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The Life Of Anthony Thieme


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Born in Roterdam on Febraury 20, 1888, Anthony Thieme is one of the most prolific
contemporary of painters like Aldro Hibbard. He was originally named Johannes
Thieme but later changed his first name to Anthony. Anthony Thieme was a fearless,
and adventurous person who loved travelling to far and wide places. He started
painting at the age of seventeen and frequently found work as a stage designer.

Anthony Thieme studied various kinds of painting while he travelled to various parts
of the world. He studied oil painting from Dusseldorf, water color painting from
Naples, printmaking from Hagues and drawing in the beautiful and picturesque Paris.
Thieme married Lillian Beckett in 1929 and moved to the tip of Cape Ann in
Rockport, MA. He continued working there for several summers and never moved far
away from his favorite subject- a red painted lobster. It is estimated that he painted
around four hundred works of the quaint fishing shackle, often of fishermen hunched
over the water, catching fish. The calm surroundings of this place provided Thieme a
laid back feel and relaxation which was a far cry from his usual curt and outspoken

Anthony Thieme even satrted the Thieme School of Art which tarined young talent in
the filed of painting. He had a huge fan following amongst the young and there was
widespread heart break when he decided to close the school down. At a later stage in
his career, he gave up the stage work and decided to devote his time fully to painting
en plain air- which means painting in the open air. He gained his livelihood from
selling his paintings and sketching from which he got quite a handsome amount of
money. In the course of his career, Anthony Thieme won many prestigious awards
like the Delano Prize from New York Watercolor Club, Athenaeum Prize from Los
Angeles Museum in 1931 among many others.

Anthony Thieme committed suicide on December 6, 1954 in Greenwich, CT. The
circumstances of his death are not fully understood. There have been stories of deep
depression or major illness, but no definitive rationale for his suicide has emerged. He
remains the most sort after painter of his time and one can find some of his prized
works in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Boston Museum of Fine Art, Art institute
at Chicago and various art museums in London and Brusells.

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