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					                     DTCC Alumni Association Board of Directors (BOD)

                                     Board Meeting Minutes

                                 Submitted by Dawn M. Geldof

                                         October 1, 2008

Present: Bill Preston, C. Cullen Rooney, Theresa Schaedel, Dawn Geldof, Tuck Mulrooney,
Tim Cox, and Lora Johnson.

Call to order was at 1830.

Minutes: Minutes from September 10, 2008 stand approved.

Treasurer Report: The Sept 08-09 Treasurer Report was emailed to the BOD. Reviewed and


Alumni Board Scholarships: The scholarship application is December 1, 2008. Applications
will be reviewed and scholarships awarded at our next meeting.

DTCC License Plate Auction: Posters, campus electronic information boards, College
websites, & College-wide press release are being used to advertise. Information was provided to
the BOD. There was also discussion that this information could be put on Facebook. $10.00 for
each plate auctioned off will go into a fund in the Educational Foundation to be used for worthy
projects chosen by the College-wide Delaware Tech Alumni Association. This project is
sponsored by the College-wide Alumni Association.

Distinguished Alumni: Applications will be accepted until January 15, 2009. Information is
included in the fall newsletter & applications available on the website. Tuck has received letters
of interest.


Mardi Gras 2009: Lora is a co-chairperson for this upcoming Mardi Gras which will be held on
February 21, 2009. Lora will ask the Development Counsel if we can offer some sort of discount
for Delaware Tech Alumni on the admission cost. Suggested that perhaps 5 members of each
graduating class could receive a total of 2 tickets/person at $75.00 per person (Regular cost is
$125/ticket). Discussion also included offering discounted tickets to more recent Alumni. Lora
will share the BOD suggestions with the Developmental Counsel and get back with the BOD.

Delaware Tech Alumni & Friends 5K Walk/Run: The inaugural 5K will be held October 8,
2008 at 6pm at the Riverfront. The proceeds will be placed in the Educational Fund. Enough
monies were raised to pay the organizational costs at this point in time. CW Harborside has
agreed to supply the after-race party by providing food and beer tickets.

Email Proposal: Tuck provided an example of a college using their campus website to
encourage Alumni to stay in touch with the college & one another. The BOD will continue to
explore increasing the functionality of the website to better serve our Alumni.

Meeting was adjourned at 1930.

Next Meeting: December 10, 2008 at 1830 in the Campus Director’s conference room, Stanton


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