The History Of Hindi Music

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Hindi music in most ways showcases Indian culture to people around the world.
Music is an integral part of a hindi movie. Since the headquarters for hindi film
industry is Bombay, currently known as Mumbai, over the years its been called as
bollywood. Its imperative for bollywood movies to have quality movies otherwise the
chances are that it is not going to be a big hit even though the movie itself is very
good, such is the expectation from the audiences in India. Invariably if a hindi movie
is a super hit more often than not it would have the best hindi music.

In Indian cinema music depicts various emotions so the transformation from one kind
of emotions to another is done through music. Since cinema started in India, more
than half a century ago, music has been an intimate part of it. In fact there were about
a bare minimum of 10-15 songs in a movie when cinema started in India. Movies
were actually more in the form musical drama those days. However now times have
changed there are only about 5 to 6 songs in a movie now. Hindi music seems to be
evolving every decade with different patterns and styles. Initially the music was more
classical with traditional Indian style of music. Over the years with the influence of
western music Hindi music now is product which has a nice blend of Indian classical
music and western music.

Although there are a lot of Hindi bands these days Hindi music unlike the west is
generally Hindi film music. In the western countries music industry and film industry
are two different entities. Film music in Hollywood is only background score most of
the times and there hardly any outright songs. But in India the music industry is a
subset of film industry. Even the bands which produce musical albums invariable
compose or sing in the movies. So you can safely say that the best hindi music has
been from the bollywood. If not for the Indian film industry Hindi music would have

Although classical hindi music is rich in culture and heritage, it was generally the
upper class which was I more inclined than everyone. It was hindi movies which
packaged the music in such way that it reaches to each and every class of the society.
They took hindi music to a new level which was followed by almost everyone in the
country. Music in Indian cinema has touched almost each and very style of music in
the world. Out of these 7 decades or so in hindi music it is widely believed that the
best hindi music came in the era of 70s. In 70s with music composers like RD
Burman, Bappi Lahiri etc really took hindi film music to another level. Even today
even with the influence of very fast numbers and beats there are lot of people who
would still prefer listening to the songs of 70s. This clearly speaks volumes for the
music during that period.