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The Heart Of Marvel


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Throughout the course of the History Of Marvel Comics there has been one name that
has stood above all others as the icon of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man. Why
people love this popular character so much isn't exactly unknown either. He embodies
what Marvel represents, which is character, relationships, and being relatable.

Peter Parker, a somewhat nerdy high school science whiz gets bitten by a radioactive
spider and becomes the world's most beloved superhero. It's a story we've known and
loved for decades. But what makes the wall-crawler so special?

Thats an easy question to answer when you consider the traits of both Peter Parker
and his arachnid counterpart, Spider-Man possess. He is a kind, genuine, wholesome
and average person who happens to have extraordinary powers at his disposal. He
didn't ask for this power, and when he receives it, thanks to the words of his uncle, he
recognizes and accepts the responsibility that goes with it.

Spider-Man doesn't always do the right thing, but he tries. He's not perfect, he's not
rich, and he's not a god. He's an average guy who does average things and makes
average mistakes. This is what appeals to the audience by and large, and it is what has
defined the History Of Marvel Comics.

Marvel is known as substance; reliability; family; friendship; etc. They embody what
people want. Their heroes are flawed and imperfect, but heroes nevertheless. And this
makes them all that more appealing and representative of what people ultimately want.
The heroes of the Marvel Universe show readers they could actually achieve greatness
despite their shortcomings.

And Spider-Man has always led the pack on this. A nerdy kid with no friends grows
up not only to become the most beloved superhero, but also marries a super model
and hobnobs with the likes of Tony Stark and Reed Richards both in costume and out.
While still riddled with problems, and still an average guy of average means, Parker
has come into his own, still maintaining that witty charm and rhetoric he's known for,
and still being the hero of our hearts.

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