The Gripping Experience Of Sonic The Hedgehog Comics by aihaozhe2


Sonic the Hedgehog, a spiky blue haired character created by Sega of America in
1991, has been propelled to new heights with the development of Sonic the hedgehog
comics. Following his success with the video game genre, Sonic the Hedgehog
comics are delivered each month to the eager hands of Sonic fans worldwide. In a fast
paced, action and adventure comic like no other, Sonic teams up with the cast of
freedom fighters to battle against the forces of evil. Some of his best buddies like
Miles "Tails" Prower, better known by his nickname "Tails", Amy Rose Hedgehog,
and "Knuckles" the echidna are some of the characters who join Sonic in the
adventure and build up the plot as the story unfolds. In this world of the Mammoth
Mogul you will soon become familiar with the villains as well, which include magical
Dr. Finitevus, sonic's image "scourge" the hedgehog, and the ultimate bad guy Dr.
Robotnik, a.k.a. Eggman.

Only last month the developers of Sonic comics introduced a new series called
SONIC UNIVERSE. In this series the team of writers will attempt to bring together
all the aspects of the sonic character as seen in movies, comics and video games.
Commencing where the last series left off, and releasing an all new series . Sonic
Universe no. 1 began delivering just that with the inclusion of new cast members
never seen in the comics before. This month SONIC UNIVERSE is back with an
action packed second issue, where the cast of three freedom fighters get ready to face
Dr. Robotnik, despite Shadow and Rouge who have other plans. As the story unfolds,
readers will have an opportunity to go back in time to the early days when Sonic and
Shadow weren't very good friends, in the tale of the battle for the ARK. It is an
opportunity for young readers to catch up on the history of the Sonic saga.

In the meantime, fans can feast in the 200th issue of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG
comics, as the adventure continues in the "Egg Phoenix Down". In this issue, Sonic
leads the freedom fighters and Chaotix to an invasion of Dr. Robotnik's city,
completely unaware that they are headed straight into Dr. Robotnik's evil hands, who
is expecting them alongside his newly created secret weapon.

Sonic the Hedgehog comics might not contain real time action, high detailed graphics
and 3D sound tracks, but they offer richly developed content that allow Sonic fans to
know the blue blur a little better, especially when you are spending day after day man
handling the hog on the video screen. Perhaps the time has come for sonic fans to
know about Amy Rose's crush for sonic, how she gets into trouble trying to catch
sonic's attention, and how sonic always needs to come to the rescue. For Sonic fans
who have been thinking about picking up a copy and of Sonic the hedgehog comics ,
perhaps the time is now to jump in with the launch of SONIC UNIVERSE!

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