The Galore Of Rajasthani Wooden Handicrafts

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Rajasthan, the state in India is a hub of Indian handicrafts. The state in itself has a rich
culture and tradition which boosts it all the more for creating beautiful native
handicrafts. Rajasthan's wood craft is specially famous for its distinct designs and art

A very popular wooden handicraft of this particular Indian State is the puppet.
Wooden puppets form an integral part of the Rajasthani handicrafts. Long strings are
attached to these figures which are then made to dance and move by a storyteller by
pulling the strings in different ways. It is a native way of telling a story and is
extensively used for entertaining travelers and kids visiting Rajasthan.

The wooden handicrafts of this state are characteristically very colorful which carry
intricate craftsmanship too. Wooden candle holders, toys, blinds, jewelry box,
decoratives etc. are extensively manufactured Rajasthan. Interestingly, sandal wood is
quite often used in the manufacturing of these artifacts. Desert caravans crafted out of
sandalwood are an attractive show piece item from this place. In fact, key chains,
trinklet boxes etc. made up of fragrant sandalwood are extremely popular all over the

Handicrafts from Rajasthan are not just restricted to show pieces or gift articles rather
its creative horizons have expanded to influence furniture and furnishings too. Brass
sheet inlaid wooden furniture are a signature style of this particular state. Besides,
people also love to flaunt wooden trays and coasters on their dining table which are
exclusively handcrafted by skilled artisans of this state.Though Rajasthani handicrafts
are easily available in markets yet for every handicraft lover, Rajasthan is indeed a
must visit destination.

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