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There are many skills or abilities many people can obtain, lets say thru accident or
alien abduction

and these aliens put some unknown chemical/element in your body causing your
composition to change and giving you extraordinary abilities or like superman, born
with super heroic powers. There are some superhero who doesn't have powers but
they have the skills to fight crime, like Batman. Batman doesn't carry any magical
spells nor fly, he just have his gadgets with him that lets him do stuffs and with his
muscular body build, I bet he'll be a tough opponent. The superhero I am pointing to
is struck by lightning, he may not be physically strong but he's movement speed is
unbelievably fast. Thus, he

is named "The Flash".

He maybe like an ordinary person, someone you idolize in real life, someone you can
run to incase of trouble or emergency, someone who you can play with but he has
these abilities that any normal human can't do he can run faster than a speeding bullet,
he may not be intelligent but what can intelligence do when a blink of an eye you can
see him behind you. He is well known as the Flash, or normally known as Barry Allen.
Barry Allen is a Police Scientist, living a normal life, doing the normal way he used to,
but until one day, he met an accident and was struck by lightning and chemical. He
woke up with this unusual feeling knowing that the combination of lighting and
chemical has given him extra ability. He is to discover the hidden powers beneath him,
the super-speed. The accident cause changes in his molecular composition that gave
him this awesome power to move fast. Though he can't control the speed he has
gained from the accident, he is still willing to help anyone in need.

The Flash is a Tv Series made in United States, premiered on the 20th of September
1990 and lasted on the 18th of May 1991.It was a live action television series created
by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and starred by John Wesley Shipp. The series was
focus with the exploits of Barry Allen a police scientist who met an accident and was
struck by lighting and chemicals. After the accident he learned that he gain such
ability and he became the fastest man alive. He was helped by Tina McGee, STAR
Labs scientist for him to control his powers.

The Flash is viewed in each series to be an immature type of guy, an-easy-go lucky
and he thinks that he is a ladies' man. He might be a little to immature but he really
looks like an comedian. One good thing about the flash is that he always smile (yeah,
a good person always let people see his very bright teeth). He dreamed of being a pop
star, but never reached it but instead he'd become a super hero. I know that the 1998
The Flash series shows that he joined the Justice League of Super Heroes. That would
be a great match with him, people with extra powers, but in some series, The Flash
has become the comedian of the team, though he really look like one but his still a
super hero. Swear to God that this is one of the greatest Hero Series I've watched.

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