The Development Of Anti-gravity Craft

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In the summer of 1982, before nuclear testing was banned for everyone (except N.
Korea) my company sent me to a bleak, desolate portion of Nevada barely known to
the world. I had heard of the fabled Mercury, Nevada for years, having grown up in
the birthplace of the Atomic bomb, Los Alamos, NM. Co-workers and myself were
assigned to a project on a dry lakebed within the perimeter of the Mercury installation
known as Yucca Flats. We were given a perimeter map of the whole installation that
was subdivided into different areas marked with two digit designations. One area
within the map perimeter wasn't marked. We instantly surmised that this was the
'secret' area that doesn't officially exist, the one that everyone now refers to as 51.

 For reasons not entirely clear to me, the contract my company had with Department
of Energy (DOE), required one of us remain in a board and bat shack at Yucca Flats
overnight. Understand that Yucca Flats is nothing more than a desert nuclear
wasteland, surrounded by low hills so that no one can see in, and to this day the air
space overhead is restricted. So far as I have been able to tell, there is nothing at
Yucca Flats, save some nuclear cracks in the ground and possibly a mutant jack rabbit
or two. The board and bat shack was a tumble down affair where you could see
through the cracks in the walls. There was a layer of sand on the board floor, a bare
metal Army bedframe and springs, with a couple old olive-drab wool blankets and no
electricity or water. I was greatly relieved when my buddy Tommy drew the short
straw, thereby obtaining the privilege to utilize those fine accomodations overnight.
Leaving Tommy, the remainder of us headed to the relative luxury of Mercury. Upon
arriving at Mercury we began to feel bad about dumping Tommy, so we bought him a
couple of six packs which we then delivered to the shack on the flats before once
again returning to Mercury.

  The next morning, we returned to find Tommy humorously stumbling around
amongst empty beer cans. Tommy explained that he awoke at roughly 2 AM to relieve
himself, which seemed logical given that there were 12 empties involved. He went on
to explain that while taking care of matters, a craft appeared from the direction of
Area 51, flying low over the flats, below the level of the surrounding hills. Tommy
continued, saying that this craft had some unique features. He described it as being a
round silver saucer, with several blue glowing portholes underneath. The craft slowly
circulated the flats while escorted by marked US Air Force helicopters and after a
time returned in the direction of Area 51. Having observed the dozen empties, we
smiled and said "sure Tommy", and dropped the subject.

Though I haven't seen Tommy W in the ensuing years, I believe he is still alive. I need
to look him up and apologise to him. A lot has happened since Yucca Flats that has
impacted my belief as to what Tommy observed. Most recently, I made a new
aquaintance over dinner in Searchlight, Nevada. His expertise had been Radar. He had
been around the world installing Radar in various locations for the Air Force. For the
sake of conversation, I related the Tommy story to this weathered gentleman who now
resides in Kingman, Arizona. Upon completion of the story, the gentleman advised me
that Tommy, in spite of his obviously impaired condition, was in all likelyhood telling
the absolute truth! He went on to matter of factly explain that Tommy's description of
the craft involved matched what he knew to have been undergoing testing at that time!
He went on to explain that the anti-gravity craft that the government was developing
25 years ago, didn't handle well, and were pretty useless at that time. He said the
anti-gravity engine was poorly developed, only worked in close proximity to the earth,
and that the vehicles handled somewhat like an air cushion vehicle.

 Needless to say, I was absolutely flabbergasted at the un-elicited response given. I
told the story simply to provide some humorous dinner conversation!