The Best Bar And Nightclub Drinking Games by aihaozhe2


Dudo (Latin America)

Legend says that more than 400 years ago, King Atahualpa of the Incas taught the
Spanish conquistador Pizarro a game now known as dudo (Spanish for I doubt). This
game belongs to a family of dice game based on deception, called liars dice which are
popular all over Latin American bars and nightclubs, and also go under the names
Mexicali in the United States, and Maxchen in Germany. To play dudo, you need two
or more participants. Each player rolls five dice hidden under their tumbler. After
taking a sneak peek, each player has to make successively bolder claims (often lies)
about the dice numbers theyre holding, until one player decides to challenge (call
someone out a liar), by yelling dudo!. The loser (whoever incorrectly challenged, or
whoever was proven a liar) must drink and loses one dice. The last player with dice

Jiuling (China)

The finger guessing game. It first appeared in the 11th century BC (not in bars and
nightclubs obviously), and involves two players at a time. Both make a gesture of a
number using their fingers, while shouting out a number from two to 20. To win, a
player must shout a number that equals the total number of fingers extended by both
players. Whoever shouted a number thats less loses the game and has to take a drink.
To make things trickier, players dont just shout a number but say a related phrase,
such as two kind brothers to represent two, three stars shining or making a fortune in
four seasons, and so forth. Lets face it, youre guaranteed to lose. But youll make a
heap more Chinese friends while youre doing it at bars and nightclubs around town.

Beer pong (United States)

If theres any place that could be nominated as the spiritual birthplace of the modern
drinking game, it must be Americas bars and nightclubs specifically, the frat houses of
US college campuses. And of all the drinking games to have been spawned from the
hallways of those illustrious dorms, there are none so infamous as beer pong, which
now has its own tournaments, online community and even a Morgan Spurlock
documentary. The game is simple. Take two two-player teams. On each side of a
ping-pong table (or indeed any table), setup six or 10 plastic cups one-third filled with
beer in a triangular formation. Start throwing ping pong balls, and each time a player
lands a ball in their opponents cup, the opponent must drink all the beer in that cup.
After all the cups are eliminated on one side, the losers must also consume all the beer
in the winning teams cups.

Los Chunguitos (Spain)

Los Chunguitos are a 1970s rumba band from Madrid, who have the honour of being
the inspiration for a popular Spanish drinking game of the same name. To play, take a
group of jovial drinkers sitting in a circle or around a table. In the first round, each
person must clap, flamenco style, and call out, I am Chungitos number one, with the
next person saying, I am Chungitos number two, until each has their own number. In
the second round, each person calls out their own number, then the number of
someone else, all the while clapping flamenco style. The new number must then call
out their own number, then another new number, and so forth. Sounds easy, right?
Well to complicate things, the person directly to the right of the current player must
also play the drums (mime and make drum sounds), while the person directly to the
left must play the guitar. Whoever makes a mistake or is too slow has to drink, and the
game starts again. Keep adding more instruments to spice things up!

There are variations of this game all over Europe and Asia.

The true blue drinking game (Australia)

So what cultural delights has Australia added to the global culture of drinking games?
Well, naturally, anything too complicated is out.Try this one next time youre keen to
influence the evenings entertainment in a hostel halfway round the world:

Pick one of your new backpacker mates, and get everyone to sing the following
popular anthem:

Heres to Scott, hes true blue!

Hes a piss pot through and through.

Hes a bastard so they say, and hes not going to heaven, he went the other way!

Hes going down, down, down, down, down@

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