Good4u 6-Tray Food Dehydrator with 40-hour Digital Timer by zybestsale


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Finally, a moderately priced, horizonal flow dehydrator! And it is loaded with features that you expect
only in the high-priced dehydrators.

 You get a mesh sheet for each tray, plus 2 free non-stick sheets so you can do fruit leathers, flax
crackers, etc.. Your Good4U comes complete and ready to go.

Now with a factory installed digital timer.

Perhaps best of all, the Good4u is a horizontal flow dehydrator. Unlike the circular dehydrators, the
Good4u dehydrates evenly without having to shuffle trays around during the drying process.

 The drippings with circular dehydrators drop down onto the fan and heating elements. That can make
cleaning a nightmare. With the Good4u, the fan and heating element are in the back of the unit, so the
drippings fall to the bottom of the case, where you can clean them up. And hey, if you have an extra
dryer sheet, put it down there to catch those drippings. You can't do that with the circular dehydrators.

 Great for dehydrating fruits and vegetables and making jerky, trail snacks, fruit leather, flax crackers
and more.

Weight: 11 pounds

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