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The Effect

The spectator is asked to write down a name/place/animal or anything they want on a
business card. This card is folded up by the spectator. The mentalist now asks some
questions in order to make a prediction. The mentalist is now able to do real mind
reading. He will predict exactly what the spectator has written down.

(Please watch the video
to get a better idea of the trick)

Included bonus trick -Pokerface:

The spectator is told to pick 5 random cards face down from a deck. The spectator
then picks one of the 5 cards which becomes his chosen card. After he has memorized
his card the spectator is asked to shuffle the 5 cards and give them to the magician.

The magician now explains to the spectator that he will show him the 5 cards one by
one and ask the spectator if this is his chosen card. The magician want the spectator to
answer "no" at every card.

The magician talks about how the body is unable to tell lies and that an trained eye
can detect micro facial expressions on someone to see if they are telling the truth or

After asking the spectator if the card shown is his, and received a "no" to all questions,
he reveals the chosen card.


The special offer price is a dirt cheap $20 till the 25th of June. I'm not sure what the
price will be after that and if it will include the bonuses.


(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,

4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

I'll give it a 1.5. The difficult bit is the presentation. You need to be subtle and very
believable. The technical bit is very easy.

When I first saw the website of this trick a few days ago I was immediately interested
because it reminded me a lot of Derren Brown which I am a big fan of. I am a hobby
magician and only do tricks for my friend for my and their amusement. So I lean more
toward the impromptu "street magic style" but with big climaxes. I only buy tricks
that need minimal preparation and no gimmicks and The Revelation Technique

Derren Brown does these types of tricks but uses real muscle reading and other
psychological tricks that fraudulent psychics use.

I was hoping that this trick would be some of that, but it isn't which was slightly
disappointing. But after I'd practiced the routine a bit and tried it out on some friends,
I realized that it was worth every penny(which isn't much).

Like most magic tricks it's all in the presentation. If your not good with the "acting"
side of magic then this trick isn't for you!

I also really loved the bonus trick called Pokerface. I gladly would have paid 20 bucks
for this trick alone! This is mind reading/metalism on steroids!

The tricks are immediately downloadable after purchase which is awesome of course.
You receive asses to a 40 minute video for the trick with performances and the


Overall I find The Revelation Technique a very cool trick that can be preformed on
the street or at party's. I can imagine that experienced magicians will not find these
tricks worth their money or already know variation of these tricks. But as an
intermediate magician I really liked the trick and found the video tutorials very useful.

Please watch the video of The Revelation Technique to get a better idea of the trick.

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