Telepathy Tests by aihaozhe2


When people think about telepathy tests, they tend to think of the gazed experiment.
This is German and means "the entire field." It is a technique used in the field of
paraspsychology to test individuals for ESP. There is a rigging that is developed to
produce an effect similar to sensory deprivation. This is said to inspire impressions
that are seen inwardly.

Ganzfeld experiements test the existence of telepathy, which is defined in the science
of parapsychology as the acquisition of information by being able to access the
feeling, thoughts, actions or location of another person.

The actual rigging for the Ganzfeld experiments is quite complex and even humorous.
In an experiment, the subject to receive the psychic impressions (also known as the
receiver) is left in a room relaxing in a comfortable chair with halved ping-pong balls
over the eyes. There is a red light shone on the ping-pong balls so that the person sees
nothing but a red field from behind the eyeballs. The receiver also wears a pair of
headphones that plays static so that he or she sees nothing. In the world of Ganzfeld
experimentation, this is known as pink noise or white noise. This puts the receiver in a
state of mild sensory deprivation. The idea is that the deprivation helps free telepathy
abilities as the mind is not cluttered with stimuli from the real world.

While this person is sitting with this rigging another individual known as the sender
tries to send visual images. The sender usually concentrates on an object and then
mentally tries to send the information to the person experiencing sensory deprivation.
In these sessions, the receiver sitting in the chair speaks out loud and describes what
he or she can see. This is tape recorded. So for instance, if the sender is looking at an
apple and the receiver starts describing an apple the Ganzfeld experiment is
considered to be a success.

During a second part of the Ganzfeld procedure, the receiver is stripped of the
ganzfeld gear and given a number of possible targets to examine. For instance, there
may be a bottle, apple, or other thing. Usually, there are three decoys along with the
real thing.

Of course, this type of experiment only works with humans. There are people out
there that believe in alien telepathy and that the messages they are receiving are from
outer space. There is no real telepathy test for that type of psychic experience.
Sometimes this is also called artificial telepathy which is short for artificial

If you suspect that you have the gift of telepathy or clairvoyance, there are many ways
that you can explore it. One interesting phenomenon is gossip telepathy. If your ears
are burning, it is because people are talking about you. This is an example of
telepathy at work in your own life on an everyday basis.

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