Taylormade Monza Spider Putter Displays Cutting Edge Design by aihaozhe2


The TaylorMade Monza Spider putter has been around for some time already. It is one
of the more interesting putters in terms of shape and design. Adding forgiveness to
golf clubs has been the recent trend these days and TaylorMade has designed the
Monza Spider to give players of all levels more forgiveness.

Even professionals and advanced golfers may miss putts because of poor putting.
Sometimes you just cant hit the center of clubface. Off center hits are quite common
and the ball can roll off the line and miss the target if the impact is more towards the
toe or heel. TaylorMade has tried to solve this problem by increasing the moment of
inertia on the Spider, which will in turn add more forgiveness. This is also one of the
more heavy putters.

When it comes to putters, it is important to like the look and feel of the club. The last
thing any golfer would want is to use a club that is not easy and comfortable to work
with. The look of the Monza Spider is by no means a traditional one. At first glance,
one begins to question the putting capabilities with the Spider. All in all, this putter is
meant to improve your game. While some players may find the look of it to be
distracting, others will be accustomed to it quickly.

In other words, the Monza Spider by TaylorMade was not designed to meet the
physical and visual needs of every golfer. If you are looking for a traditional putter,
the TaylorMade blade putters may be a better choice for you. If you appreciate a more
cutting edge design, the Monza will float your boat. It is a putter that will allow you to
turn in impressive performance time after time, and will not break your budget. not
break your budget.

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