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Choosing which tattoo design to ink is the most fundamental decision to make when
getting a new tattoo. The key to success is spending the necessarry time to think long
and hard about all of your options. Unfortunately, many people neglect to think before
getting a new tattoo, often regretting their hasty choices later on in life. It is important
to remember that tattoos are permanent, and tattoo removal is expensive. Take your
time and make the right choice for you.

We are spoilt these days with the massive variety of unique tattoo designs that are
available to us. Choosing just one design can therefore be problematic. Tattoo design
styles range from highly masculine abstract tribal tattoo designs, to very intricate and
beautiful bird tattoo designs. Different tattoo designs, as well as the iconography
present within designs, have a variety of associated meanings and symbolism. I
encourage you to choose a tattoo design that hold a real significance to you and your

The size as well as the colours incorported in to the design are other crucial factors to
deliberate. For example, If you plan to ink a small tattoo, large and complex designs
wont be suitable. If you plan to have a very colourful tattoo, tribal and Celtic designs
are probably not very appropriate as they tend to be inked in black, with limited use of
other colours.

The cost of a new tattoo is a big factor in the decision making process for many
people. While this is understandable, I suggest that people dont compromise too much
on their chosen designs in order to save a few dollars. Tattoos are for life, and I
believe that it is better to wait and save up some more money to get the design you
really want, rather than inking an inferior design just because you can afford it

The best places to find top quality tattoo artwork are in tattoo design books,
collections held in tattoo shops, as well as on the internet. Using the internet is a
fantastic way to browse tattoo designs from the comfort of your home, and there are
thousands upon thousands of designs available on-line. Please bare in mind that a
large number of the free designs available on-line are of a really poor quality, and its
easy to squander hours upon hours trawling the search engine results. I suggest
becomming a member of some of the fantastic on-line tattoo galleries instead. These
galleries usually cost a few dollars for a membership, but you can be sure that the
thousands of designs you will get access to will be top quality tattoo artwork. As your
new tattoo will be with you forever, it really is worth the extra investment.

When you have found some tattoo designs that you really love, i highly advocate
having a consultation with a reputable tattoo artist. Show the artist some of your
favorite designs and explain your ideas. Your artist should provide you with good
advice and feedback. Take some more time after this consultation to really
contemplate your design ideas. Only commit to being tattooed when you are 100%
sure that the design and placement of the tattoo is right for you, and that you will like
the design for the rest of your life.

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