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Frymaster MJ35EM-SD 16 All Purpose Gas Fryer - Master Jet Series


									  Buy Frymaster MJ35EM-SD 16" All Purpose Gas Fryer - Master Jet Series

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Features: Standard thermostat, Automatic melt cycle, Stainless steel pot and door, enamel cabinet,
Signal lights indicate whether oil is heating or ready for frying. Benefits: Open pot design makes
cleanup easier, Deep cold zone prevents flavor contamination, Centered thermostat quickly regulates
changes in temperature, Centered thermostat creates more evenly cooked products, Master Jet burner
doesn?t have burner tube radiants to burn out, No burner cleaning or air shutter adjustments
necessary with Master Jet, Large heat transfer area allows user to fry more product per load.
Additional Considerations: 1/2" NPT gas inlet for single fryers, For two or more fryers in a battery,
minimum 1" gas supply line needed, Check plumbing codes for proper supply line sizing, Allow 6" of
clearance between the sides and rear of fryer, Allow 24" inches in front for servicing and operation, A
minimum of 18" clearance between the flue outlet and the lower edge of the exhaust hood filter.

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