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The Scunci Steamer kills bacteria, dust mites and cleans all types of surfaces and it uses ordinary tap
water. It will easily clean and sanitize your bathroom and is ideal for cleaning appliances, countertops,
ovens, and tile. The Scunci Steamer freshens and deodorizes fabric, carpet, bedding and stuffed
animals. The Scunci Steamer gently removes wrinkles from clothing right on the hanger and cleans
windows and mirrors without harmful chemicals. The Scunci Steamers water tank is extra large for
extended use, yet lightweight and portable with fingertip control for desired amount of steam. Your
Scunci Steamer includes these bonus accessories. 1 Water Refill Funnel 1 Flexible Extension Hose 1
Bayonet Tip 1 Angle Nozzle Upholstery Nozzle w/ 4 cloth covers Window Squeegee Filler CupStorage
BagRound brush attachmentsExtension Hose Please call for availability. This product not available for
sale into all markets.

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