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Deluxe Super Rapid 59-Minute start to finish bread. Makes 100% whole wheat bread 1-1/2 lb.- 2lb.
Loaf capacity 24 Hour in advance delay bake timer Patented fully random pause function. Fruit and nut
'add in' beeper Bread and Pizza dough cycles Whole wheat and rapid whole wheat cycles Batter
breads and jam cycles Instant recall 60-minute power failure backup Removable lid for cleaning
See-through window 24 Assorted baking cycles non-stick loaf pan Full 1 year warranty Recipes and
baking tips Complete electronic controls.

Twin kneading blades LCD display Crust control Loaf size control Fruit & Nut add-in beeper Instant
Recall© Power failure backup Color: white Removable lid Makes 100% whole wheat bread. Bakes
cakes, Batter Breads(TM) and jam, too! Makes pizza, bagel and pasta dough.

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