Summer Programs Many parents worry that their kids do not get

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					Many parents worry that their kids do not get out enough and are under-stimulated
during the summer months. There is a solution to both these problems and the answer
is "summer programs." But how do you find one right for your children? There are a
number of ways to find the best summer programs for your kids.

When to look? Don't wait for summer!
Many parents put off thinking about summer programs and summer camp until the
end of the school year or at least until the spring. However, it's a good idea to look for
a summer program as early as January or February, in order to be sure that you get
into the program that you truly want.

Three great media for finding summer programs or overnight camps are traditional
print, the World Wide Web and summer camp expos. Let's take a look at each.

Print and other traditional media advertising
Most camps and summer programs still use "old media" like print magazines,
brochures, handouts and the like, as well as radio advertising, etc. Even though these
are becoming very dated, these still offer robust information that you can browse
without straining your eyes.

The World Wide Web
This has taken over every other media in terms of being the easiest way to find the
summer program or camp (or just about anything else you might ever be looking for)
that is just right for you.

Summer Camp expos or fairs
A fair or expo is the ideal place to meet face to face with representatives from summer
camps who can answer all the questions you or your child(ren) might have. Some
times individual camps may hold a fair or expo, such as those listed by the American
Camp Association ( While these are fine, the best camp
fairs and expos facilitate you meeting a number of camps and learning about summer
program options you may not have thought of before. Expos put on by Our Kids
Media in Canada are renowned for allowing parents to meet with a variety of
organizations under one roof and all in the same afternoon.

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