Starting Up A New Career In Music by aihaozhe2


									Youve decided to pursue a career as a hot adult contemporary artist. Whether you are
in to Country Western, Jazz, R&B, Hip hop, or knock-down-drag-out rock n roll
doesnt much matter big fan base for all genres. But, as it is with any job, there are
certain steps you should take to find success. Knowing which steps those are can help
save a lot of time.

Once your words are on the paper and connected with an unbelievable score, youve
got to get it out there. Getting your music known is absolutely your biggest challenge.
First, make sure to get a good recording of your song(s). If youre really serious about
this, pay the money and get a professional recording studio. You only have one shot
for people to hear what you can do, make the first impression count.

Second, its crucial to know what musical genre you belong to. This will help focus
your attention to the radio stations and internet sites that potential fans may be tuning
into. Once this is known, make several copies of your music to send to venues, agents
and promoters who work in the music industry. The more you send out, the better
chances you have at success.

Third, do your research! Look to the Musicians Union, or other related groups for
advice. There is a plethora of literature out there for new artists just waiting to be read.
Also, keep an eye out for any musical contests you can enter. What have you got to
lose? Many of these contests offer prize money which can help give you a good boost
in your career.

Fourth, be willing to start from the bottom. Some of the best got their starts from little
clubs or other unknown venues. If you are any good, you will discover your fan base
starting to grow and more demand for you to perform. Keeping your ego down and
your friendliness up is a good way to make connections. You never know who could
be out there waiting to recommend you for bigger and better work.

Finally, have fun! Dont get too caught up in all the little unnecessary things. Always
keep in mind why you chose this career path. Stay true to who you are and let your
personality speak through your music!

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