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					Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (sometimes reffered to as ST:DS9 or DS9) is a science
fiction TV show that premiered from 1993 and ran forseven seasons, ending in 1999.
based on in Gene Roddenberrys Star Trek universe, it was conceived by Rick Berman
and Michael Piller, at the askingof Brandon Tartikoff, and erected by Paramount
Television. The main scripter, in addition to Berman and Piller,incorporated show
runner Ira Steven Behr, Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Ronald D. Moore, Peter Allan Fields,
Bradley Thompson, David Weddle, Hans Beimler and Ren Echevarria.

A spin-off from Star Trek: The Next Generation, DS9 occured while its parent series
was still on the air, although there were few attached episodes between the two shows.
In addition, two Next Generation characters, Miles O'Brien and (from Season 4
onwards) Worf, became common members of DS9.

Dissimiliar the other Star Trek programs, DS9 took place on a space station
alternatively of a starship, so as not to have two series with starships at the same time
(The starship USS Defiant was introduced in season 3, but the station stayed the
primary setting for the show.) This made continuing story side steps and the
exhibition of recurring characters much more attainable. The show is renowned for its
well-developed characters and its original, intricate plots. The series also counted on
darker themes, less physical exploration of space, and an prominence (in later seasons)
on manyaspects of war.

VHS, and Deep Space Nine DVD Set releases
Episodes of DS9 were made available on VHS cassettes. Theoriginalrelease came on
November 19, 1996 in the United States, but the line was ceased once all of DS9 had
been released on DVD. The show wasdistributed on VHS in the UK starting August 2,
1993. Each dvd box contained its own special character and plot material.

Coming after the DVD release of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 2002, Star trek
Deep Space Nine was released on DVD commencing in February 2003. Deep Space
Nine dvd was released in boxed sets of one season each and released approximately a
month apart. Each season contains several "special features", including a biographical
look at a main character, material from make-up designer Michael Westmore on how
various aliens were created, and interviews with cast members and crew members.

The sets also added "Section 31" easter eggs that give a brief look at other aspects of
the tv show. On October 26, 2004, a collection of all seven season dvd sets was also
released. You can find additional reviews here for Deep space nine dvds. You can
either buy the region 1 USA version for a much higher price usually double or triple
of what can be purchased from an overseas supplier. The over sea's dvd box sets
dependant on where you buy, can be a bootleg or poor vhs quality picture. One Site
that has been verifed not to use bootleg or pirated copies of Deep space Nine is You can pick up a nicely priced Star Trek Deep Space Nine
dvd set at that website.

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