Star Tattoo by aihaozhe2


									Star tattoo holds pretty old history however they are considered very trendy design.
Star tattoo hold their position among some of the most demanded tattoo designs. Star
tattoos are so versatile that they can easily be blended with existing tattoos or hide
them. Star tattoo are gender neutral and both men and women can have star tattoo.
Being simplistic and inexpensive they are gaining popularity in the market. Star tattoo
do have one advantage over other tattoos and that's the fact that they are not tied up to
one single religion or culture, they are universal symbols among several cultures and
can mean many things to different people. You can have star tattoos at any area of
your skin, but most common areas are: chest, upper part of arm, wrist and lower
abdominal area.

The main categories of star tattoo are as follows:

Nautical Star Tattoo

Nautical star tattoos have been used since ancient times, during early stages of water
voyages, when sailors used stars to navigate their way. It was a common belief among
the sailors that these stars help them in safe journey. So they started symbolizing those
stars as tattoos on their skin and with time this trend became famous among non
sailors too and soon became one of the most famous tattoo designs.

Shooting Star Tattoo

Shooting stars are considered as sign of wishes come true, and thus used for
representing joy, good luck and success. There is a wide rage of designs to select from,
shooting star are available in several color and designs. Shooting star tattoo often
smaller stars, as a trail these stars are smaller in size and generally lighter in color
compared to the main star. Shooting star tattoos work well in all sizes and areas of

Moon and Star Tattoo

Just like the name says moon and star tattoo are created by combining images of stars
along with moon. Moon and star tattoo do not symbolize any deep meaning like rest
star tattoo designs do. They are perfect portrait of sky at night and liked for being
pretty and beautiful when inked over skin.

Pentagram Tattoo

This pentangle shaped star is important symbol of many religion and cultures around
the world, it's considered as one of the oldest symbols back from the ancient time.
From five elements of life to five senses of body it shows different signs of good
health. Pentagram tattoo is also used to symbolize protection against the evil forces.
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