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Some Useful Bachelor Party Tips


									A bachelor party can be the best or the worst night of you life. You don't want to
celebrate your engagement with and event that will destroy it, do you? So I decided to
list a few bachelor party tips that will help make your bachelor party unforgettable.

First of all, if you're throwing this party for a friend of yours, make sure you know his
boundaries. I mean, not everybody is used or comfortable around strippers or strip
club... So if your friend is a notorious prude, or a Sunday school teacher, strippers
might not be the way to go. Another reason why strippers are not always the best idea
is that they are often frowned upon by the Bride-to-be and the last thing you want is to
jeopardize your friend's engagement...

But if you absolutely want to go the stripper route, make sure you go for an upscale
club. Seedier establishments can be quite hostile and not the best location for a
bachelor party. Make sure you make reservations and fork a few dollars for
champagne; this is not the time to be stingy... Ask your friends to chip in and you
should be all right.

If you really want to bond with your friends on your bachelor party, why not take it
outside? Camping is a great way to throw a bachelor party and enjoy nature at the
same time... The best thing about a camping trip bachelor party is that it's simple and
inexpensive. All you need are a few tents, some beer and a bond fire, and you're good
to go... Make sure you pick a location where you can do some wild activities like
rafting or mountain climbing to add to the fun.

If you have the money for it, you can always have a bachelor road trip to the nearest
party town you know. The first choice that comes to mind for most people is Las
Vegas. If you have the means to go to Vegas, please do so, you won't regret it. Vegas
as everything to offer to a group of young horny gentleman looking for a good time!
But on a more serious note, make sure you have at least two trustworthy designated
drivers or a limo once you get there so you can fully enjoy the Vegas experience.

I hope that article was helpful and that your next bachelor party will be magnificent.
Just make sure that you party responsibly and respect your companion and everything
should be alright. And remember, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!"

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