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Some Personal Branding Tips


									Personal branding is just a way to be yourself, to be different. When your building a
networking business like any MLM,networking or direct sales business, it is ALL
about building relationships with lots of people to the point where they like and trust
you. People who see the power of network marketing using the internet are seeing the
amazing results of combining attraction marketing and personal branding because of
the great relationships it builds along with large down lines and incomes that can be

There are lots of ways to brand yourself or in other words "stand out from the crowd"
and just be who you are . They range from doing videos, writing articles, your blog
posts, social media and the list goes on. Personal branding has lead to tremendous
growth in many down lines. When done correctly it can drive an endless supply of
traffic to your doorstep ready to work with you. With the technology we have today it
is unlimited exposure to YOU INC. Just imagine being able to do hundreds of
personal presentations of your business, face to face , and be able to do it with the
click of a mouse without having to be there. That is one of the powers of personal
branding, being there when your not... That is Leverage working for you through your
personal branding and the technology of today.

Now the difference in attraction marketing and the personal branding is the value you
bring to your customers, not your business proposition , so they will be attracted to
you. The best suggestion is to just be yourself and relax when your giving of your
value to your prospects. Always try to bring valuable information that they can use
and every time you do they will remember your personal brand a little more. We all
want to start out with how profitable our business is , thinking this is what your
prospect wants to here, but it's not. They want to know more about how you can help
them solve their problem.

So personal branding is very important in building big business today because it
establishes that you are a real person and that your ready to help in assisting them to
find the solutions they are looking for. So work on setting up your own brand, YOU
INC. and be you! Building the YOU INC model for your business is where the
professionals are positioning themselves from the amateurs.

When new people start a new home business they sometimes forget that they are in
business for themselves, first, and they are a rep. for a certain company. This is the
most important thing to remember and personal branding helps this get done when
done the right way. The right way is bringing value to your prospects that could help
them with something. Always bring value to the table first so as to position yourself as
a leader, which is who people want to follow.

To learn more about how to set up your own personal branded site you can visit me
here and learn what the pros are doing. There is also a video you can learn more from
where Doug goes over the power of personal branding. Let Doug teach you how to set
up your own personal branded sales funnel.

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