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Sleeve Tattoo Designs


									The Sleeve tattoos are becoming increasingly popular amongst men these days and is
probably due to the increasing number of celebrity males getting this sort of ink done.
A sleeve tattoo can be described as a tattoo which wraps around the upper part of the
arm from shoulder to elbow. This is some times referred to as a half-sleeve tattoo
while a tattoo which wraps around the arm and extends all the way down to the wrist
is known as a full sleeve tattoo. If the tattoo starts from the elbow area to the wrist
then this is called a quarter sleeve tattoo.

These types of tattoos mean you are making a bold statement due to there size and
complexity. This means you will need to have a through consultation with a tattoo
artist you know has a good reputation for going this type of tattoo. This is not a small
girly tattoo to get.

It is essential find out the time and cost for a sleeve tattoo. The time taken will depend
on the complexity of the design. The longer it takes will of course mean more cost to
you. You must discuss this with your tattoo artist. A typical sleeve tattoo is done over
a number of sessions which last about two hours. A full sleeve design are done over
multiple sessions and may involve over twenty hours of work.
Popular sleeve tattoo designs include -

  Tribal Tattoo Sleeve - These look fantastic from a distance due to their bold dark
  Flame Tattoo Sleeve - The most extravagant of flames start from the wrist area then
up along the forearm over the shoulder and down one half of the body.
  Japanese Designs - The Japanese are known for their detailed designs and have deep
symbolic meanings. At the same time they are exceptionally beautiful. They make an
excellent choice for a full sleeve tattoo.
  Celtic Sleeve Tattoos - The intricate knot work of Celtic designs often make a great
design. They usually have a load of detail in the interweaving lines.

Please remember that you should not ever get a tattoo because you spotted your
favourite celebrity with a sleeve design you thought was great. You should instead
find a design that appeals to you by doing you own research. It should have a
powerful and symbolic meaning to yourself only.

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