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This unit features Nesco/American Harvest's innovative Top Mounted Powerhead that dries food
quickly and evenly with superior results. Detaches to make dehydrator dishwasher safe for easy clean
up. Fan-Flow Technology means faster, more even drying with no tray rotation necessary. Perfect for
the beginner! The famous Nesco/American Harvest Jerky Works Kit. Everything you need to start
making flavorful beef jerky. Make perfect jerky sticks and strips, with ease every time, using the Jerky
Works! Comes with a variety of our jerky seasoning packs...other flavors available include Original,
new Hot 'n Spicy, Teriyaki, Fajita, Cajun, and Pepperoni. New and improved flavors! Features Include:
Expandable! Five-tray Snackmaster Entree expands up to 7 trays with Add-A-Tray accessories (sold
separately). 4" fan, 425 Watts. Food Releases Easily from Trays. Top Mounted Fan & Heater Keeps
Dripping Out. Easy Clean-up. NO Tray Rotation. Strong Impact Resistant Trays. Vita Save Exterior
blocks harmful light. 52" Power Cord. Fastest Drying Times. Bananas 12 hours, Apples 6 hours,
Potatoes 12 hours, and Beef Jerky 7 hours Jerky gun includes 3 attachments: a flat tip for making jerky
strips and 2 round tips for making large and small jerky sticks. Includes 5 jerky spices and cures,
enough to make 2-1/2 pounds of jerky. Simple and easy to use. Fun for the whole family...the kids love

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