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									                   Active Enterprise
An opportunity to raise standards as well as prepare young
people for adult life by giving them the opportunity to
understand and develop skills associated with;

  - Enterprise Capability

  - Financial Capability

  - Business and economic understanding through the
    curriculum and other activities, whether inside or out of

    It is not just another initiative or statutory requirement’.

 Enterprise in Education provides an important skill set for the

Staffordshire Partnership’s Active Enterprise package of
activities to choose from for 2006/7 year can help you
embed enterprise in a practical and appropriate way within
your school.
                             Active Enterprise Package

                         Student Activities                                 Cost
1. ‘Tomorrow’s Managers Today’- A commercially developed                    £1,000
Enterprise Challenge for Yr 10 students.                                    For 1 days
Teams of 10, supported by an external facilitator, undertake a practical    delivery (based
activity about running a business.                                          on 100
Students will achieve the following outcomes:-

      Gain a better appreciation of the need for essential skills in all
       aspects of business

      Have an awareness of the nature of business, risk and financial
       planning through experience

      Develop an understanding of the variety of roles within business
       and the importance of teamwork, communication and decision
       making to success

      Recognise, develop and apply their enterprise skills

      Enjoy and learn through an exciting, fast moving and
       challenging activity

      Evaluate their role within the activity, their skills development
       and the outcomes of the challenge.

Available- Autumn, Spring or Summer terms
2. Enterprise Challenge Days                                                £800 for 1 days
A whole day practical enterprise activity incorporating Enterprise          (based on 100
Capability Skills. The theme for the day can be tailored to suit your       students)
required learning outcomes.

a) Yr 9
 Regeneration challenge with teams looking at the local area and
   identifying social and business opportunities

b) Yrs 7 or 8
 Introduction to Enterprise and Entrepreneurial skills through
   quizzes, role models and practical activities.

(Specify which ONE)

Available-Autumn, Spring or Summer terms
3. Enterprise Workshops                                                     £300 for each
Carousel approach, delivered over one day for small groups of
students. These can be built in to existing “Industry/Enterprise” days or
tailored to suit school’s needs.

Available- Autumn, Spring or Summer terms
4. Special Schools Enterprise Day                                           Cost negotiable
                                                                            per student
Co-ordination and delivery of an Enterprise activity.

Available-Autumn, Spring or Summer terms

                   Professional Development
5. Curriculum specific 1 day workshop                                       £220

Practical approaches to embedding enterprise into Humanities or
Business Studies (Choose ONE from workshops)

Available- Autumn term at a central venue

6. Your School and Social Enterprise-1 day Social Enterprise                £220
workshop (held at central venue)                                            per person

Social enterprise explained, plus practical approaches to introducing
Social Enterprise activities into the classroom and your school as a
social enterprise. Including practical resources to take away.

Available- Spring term
7. Managing Enterprise – A Professional Development day for                 £220
Headteachers and Senior Management team members (held at                    per person
central venue)

Leadership expertise and innovative approaches developed by
pathfinders and other enterprising schools.

Available- Autumn/Spring term

8. Resources day- an opportunity to experience a number of specific £250
enterprise packs/resources – how to use them in the classroom and per person
develop ideas for other activities- 3 resource/activity packs provided
(Carwash Tycoon, SIM Chemist and Savings Game)

Available- Autumn term
                      In house consultancy                      Cost
9. 1 days one to one support/consultancy - in house consultancy £300
and support can address issues such as:-

    departmental audit & mapping
    action planning and staff awareness sessions
    advice and active support on business engagement
    developing student assessment

Available- Autumn, Spring or Summer terms

10. Additional one to one support/consultancy                          £300
                                                                       per day
Tailored around the needs of the school, for example development
and support Inset day for all staff. This can be developed with the
Enterprise co-ordinator and might include a session for all staff.

                     Enterprise Package Offer - £2,250
                             (£2,790 if purchased separately)

                  *** If order form is received before 30th June 2006***

    Ref No               Activity Title

     1.                 Tomorrow’s Managers Today
     2.                 Enterprise Challenge for year 7, 8 or 9
     8.                 Resources day
     9.                 1 days one to one support/consultancy

     Choice of two Professional development opportunities. Choose from:-

     5.                 Curriculum Specific Workshop
     6.                 Your School and Social Enterprise
     7.                 Managing Enterprise

      To purchase any of the above please download the order form and
                    return to Staffordshire Partnership

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