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Infant Massage Infant Massage By Dianne I Maroney Infant massage


Massage is based on physics, bionics, bio-electricity, medicine and clinical practice for many years and developed a new generation of health-care equipment. It not only has the eight simulation capabilities, allowing you to really understand acupuncture, massage, massage, hammering, cupping, scraping, slimming, immune regulation function of the wonderful feeling of eight, as well as the unique efficacy of the treatment of hypertension. With three independent soft-touch massage can relax the muscles, soothe nerves and promote blood circulation, enhance cell metabolism and enhance skin elasticity, relieves fatigue, significantly reducing various forms of chronic pain, acute pain and muscle pain, relax the body to reduce stress, reduce skin wrinkles.

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									                                               Infant Massage

By Dianne I. Maroney

Infant massage is a wonderful way to connect with your premature infant. Studies have shown that massaging a premature
infant can promote weight gain, better sleeping patterns, enhance developmental skills, and it may even strengthen the
immune system. Parents can benefit too by learning a special way to communicate with their infant, feeling confident in
caring for their baby, and infant massage often gives you the ability to understand your preemie’s cues.

Before deciding to do infant massage on your preemie, there are certain points you should consider. The present research
has only been done on the stable “growing” preemie. Your NICU may encourage you to do infant massage before your
preemie is stable; however, you and a nurse should always monitor your baby for any signs of stress during massage.
Stress signs might be agitation, changes in heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, or oxygen levels, and/or color changes.
Taking a class in infant massage is the best way to learn the proper techniques; however, there are books and videos that
are available in most bookstores or on-line. Using the wrong technique while messaging your infant can be detrimental to
your baby. It’s always important to be supportive and calm in your movements when handling your preemie.

Remember touch builds a foundation for your infant’s communication with the world. It’s the beginning of the nurturing
feeling your baby needs and wants from life. Learning and practicing infant massage in the NICU can lay the foundation
for a wonderful daily experience for you and your baby throughout his first months or even years.

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