Baby Massage Steps

					Baby Massage Steps
First warm a few drops of Weleda Calendula Oil in your hands.

                                For an all-over Body Massage
                                Slide your hands from the shoulders down the arms. Gently rub
                                the chest, belly, legs and feet, allowing your hands to make full
                                contact with your baby and embrace the shape of his or her

                                For the Chest and Belly
                                Place both hands in the middle of the chest and make circular
                                movements. Stroke upward toward the shoulders. Stroke down
                                along the sides of the body and back to center. Make slow,
                                clockwise movements on the belly.

                                For Hands and Arms
                                Move your hands from the wrists to the shoulders, gently
                                squeezing. Slowly move your hands from the shoulders to the
                                wrists, gently wringing. Take each hand and rub your thumbs
                                from the center of the palm to the outside. Stroke from the ball
                                of the thumb toward the finger tops so that the fingers spread

                                For Feet and Legs
                                Hold a small foot in one hand. Using the other hand, move from
                                the ankle to the thigh, gently squeezing. Repeat with other
                                leg. For each foot, stroke with the thumbs from the sole to the
                                outside, then rub the sole with a flat hand from heel to toes.

                                For Baby’s Back Side
                                Starting at the shoulders, move down the back, bottom and
                                legs toward the feet. Squeeze upward from the bottom and
                                across the back, avoiding the spine. Lay one hand on your baby’s
                                bottom where the legs begin. Stroke with the other hand from
                                the shoulders along the back to the bottom. Gently squeeze the
                                bottom together between your hands. Slightly lift the feet with
                                one hand, and with the other hand stroke in one long movement
                                from the shoulders to the feet.

When the massage is finished, rest for a few minutes and enjoy the
moment with your baby.

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