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Sell Beats Online Without A Record Deal


									If you're a producer and you're not on the quest to sell beats online then you need to
rethink your strategy. It's becoming more and more known that hip hop production is
an absolute gold mine. This entire article is trying to get you to understand exactly
what your creative mind is worth.

There are a great many ways to sell beats so I won't say that you're limited to only
selling them online, though I have to say, in my experience selling beats online is by
far the easiest avenue for beat selling with the highest rate of success for the average
beat maker and the lowest overhead costs. The beat market is definitely not limited to
the internet, though.

There are multiple ways to go about selling your beats online and I will describe
several of them right now. The first option (that almost everybody in the world goes
for, making the competition insanely high) is to start selling beats directly to famous
music artists and mainstream management.

I don't like trying to make ends meet this way because it's simply not very reliable.
The truth of the matter is, the only way to really get somewhere in this industry
without connections is to put a huge amount of work and effort into it (unless you sell
online). You should be going to industry parties on a daily basis if possible, even if
you have to pay to get in. Make connections in these spots.

Whenever you go to one of these parties, you should come as prepared as possible.
Bringing along a bunch of CD's with 100-500 beats on it is a great calling card. You
can connect with music guys and give them the CD. Be sure to have your contact
information written on the CD itself (not just the case) so contacting you is as easy as
possible for them. It's not like you don't stand a chance because getting beats from
you is cheaper than getting them from major producers. In fact they may want to only
pay you in royalties, so do your research and watch out for those contracts.

The other option is to start beat selling on the internet and selling your beats online.
This is the much simpler and less risky thing to do because for free or extremely
cheap, you can start your production business and get it off the ground. All you need
to do is sign up to and start learning the ropes of the site, which I'll
tell you about right now.

I'm not bluffing when I say that Soundclick is by far the best website on the entire
internet to sell beats on. If you aren't on Soundclick right now then you are already
behind the working curve. This is the biggest money maker for producers, meaning
bigger than sites like MyBeatShop or RocBattle... Yes, even more than RocBattle

Soundclick has a huge database of rappers signed up... I'm talking huge. Last time I
checked there were 1.4 million rappers signed up to the website and 1 million
producers. Every single one of those rappers needs beats and many of them are
willing to pay top dollar.

The best way to learn about this would be to visit or click the links
in the Author/Resource Box, otherwise known as the paragraph below... Be sure to
join the mailing list and if you want to become an expert of Soundclick fast, then be
sure to download the eBook package as well.

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