Self-promotion For Recording Contracts

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					Is it truly harder to get a recording contract than ever before? Maybe it is because the
music biz seems more about the business side rather than the music side these days. It
is true that the music and the people making it is still how they make their money, but
the approach is much different when it comes to giving out recording contracts .

Remember when record companies actually opened the unsolicited demo tapes that
were sent to them and listened to them in hopes to find the next big thing. Now, it is
too difficult to listen to every single one of them because everyone has the ability to
have a demo tape made. Music contracts seem scarce. Now, it seems too difficult or to
risky to accept demos from just anyone.

Dont worry there is still a chance for you or your band to be noticed and get heard. It
just may not be done the old fashioned way. It is all about the self-promotion tactic.
You have to market your band in such a way that A&R and record labels will be dying
to offer recording contracts .

Self-promotion isnt as easy as it sounds. This does require a lot of planning and
organizing. One way to do this is make and sell your own CDs. If you can prove to a
label that you can sell CDs on your own, then they will know a music business
contract with you is not so risky.

You need to make sure your album is good quality and sell it as fast as you can. Also,
take a mini tour. Network with places in your region or tri-state area so you can book
gigs and be seen! Build a resume with tons of recommendations from club and bar
owners. Start out at places 30 miles away then move to 100 miles then 200 and so on.
Building a solid fan base is a sure fire way to get the attention of a major label and get
offered recording contracts .

Keep in mind that before you make thousands of CDs, put a marketing plan in place.
Make sure you have a clear cut and concise idea of just how you will sell all those bad

It is all about planning and some killer self-promotions. You have to be seen, known
and heard by and at as many place and by as many people as possible. The industry
isnt what it used to be. You have to work for the attention of a label and to be offered
music contracts. But luckily, it isnt impossible so get to planning!