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					Are you an On1 Salsa dancer wanting to switch to dancing On2 salsa timing? In this
article I will give you some of my simply tricks to make your transition smoother and

Many people consider dancing On2 harder than dancing On1. I think there is truth to
that statement, especially in the beginning of your dance career. What makes dancing
On1 easier, in my opinion, is that in the beginning as you learn to count the music it is
often easier to recognize the first beat of the music and therefore emphasize it. Often
the singer in a salsa song, begins singing in the beginning of the phrase of the music
on the count one. In many salsa songs the core beats 1,3,5, and 7 are emphasized very
heavily with instruments like the cow bell, which makes dancing On1 and
emphasizing the 1st and 5th beat of the music often much easier.

However, once you actually learn to count the music, in my opinion, it becomes very
easy to dance both On1 and On2. And if you are already dancing On1 switching to
dancing On2 salsa timing can be very easy. Here is why.

Once you learn to recognize the first beat of the music, you simply have to switch
your steps and practice emphasizing the second and sixth beat of the music instead.
The way I switched from dancing On1 to dancing On2 literally almost over night was
simply recognizing the first beat of the music in a song, taking my step in place and
then stepping forward on the second beat of the music.

For many, the hardest part in learning to dance salsa is often learning to count the
music and recognizing the rhythm, but once you have learned to count the music, it
becomes very easy for you to dance On1 or On2. Think about it, there are thousands
of beginner dancers who mastered On2 dancing in New York or Puerto Rico from the
beginning. There is no reason why you could not do it too, especially if you already
know how to count the music. Simply make a mental note on which way you want to
dance to the music and just practice your On2 steps over and over again. Even the
same complicated turn patterns that you have learned On1 will soon become easy to
execute them On2.

Of course there is something to be said about your habits and your ability to be
adaptable to change. For example, just a while ago on a salsa club I tried to dance
with a great follower on breaking forward on the fifth beat of the music (RicaSalsa
style). And although I consider myself being able to switch from dancing LA style
(On1) to New York style (On2) and vice versa fairly easily, as I was intending to step
forward on the fifth beat and back on the first beat of the music I found myself on
several occasions stepping forward on the sixth and back on the second beat of the
music instead (dancing New York Style salsa).
But I believe at this point I could easily be able to switch to emphasizing the fifth beat
of the music also with just practice. If you think about the ballroom dancers, they
master many different dance types and have to be able to switch from one form to
another in an instant. In the end it is practice that makes the difference.

For some additional help, there are also many software programs that allows you to
breaks down the different instruments and rhythms that can be very helpful for
increase your understanding of the different salsa rhythms. Obviously, salsa DVD's,
taking group and private classes will always be very helpful to develop you as a
dancer whether you dance On1 or On2 or both.

And there you have it, some of my simply tips to switch from dancing On1 to On2
salsa timing.

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