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					A romantic picnic is a wonderful way to spend a lazy day, or just an hour or two alone
together. There are many settings that will make for a perfect romantic picnic. A
sunset at you favorite beach, or a still, secluded lake is always a good choice. A
Shakespeare play or concert at a local park is always a great place to have a picnic for
two. One of the best things about a picnic it is a great way to go on an outing without
spending a lot of money.

Attention to detail is what gives the finishing touch to a romantic picnic for two. Love
roses? Arrange a dozen in a vase, or scatter petals over the picnic blanket. Bring a
radio, or make a CD mix of your favorite love songs to play from the car stereo. And
just in case, planning for the unexpected or the expected, depending on your location
dont forget the sunscreen and the mosquito repellent it is Summer!

While last minute picnics using whats ever in the refrigerator and store-bought salads
have their place, the most romantic and memorable picnics come from a little
preparation. Plan the menu, focusing on simple yet elegant food, such as antipasto
platters, fresh fruit, cheese, artesian bread and wine or champagne. Plan the entire
menu a few days ahead of time. This will give you ample time to shop for the items
you need and prepare each dish. Choose dishes that taste good when cold or room
temperature. That way, you can make everything the night before and store it in the
refrigerator overnight. For easy picnic food ideas think sandwiches, pita pockets and
bagels. These are easy picnic food ideas when you have little or no time to prepare.
The important thing is not to bring anything that will be too messy and difficult to
transport. If you feel uncomfortable preparing the food yourself, call you favorite
restaurant or deli and order something to go.

To carry your romantic picnic meal, you will need a wicker or rattan picnic basket or
a picnic backpack. Some come with plastic settings while others feature fine bone
china and crystal. The choice is up to you! You also will need a picnic blanket to
round out the comfort of your elegant picnic. Select one with a waterproof nylon
backing to stay comfortable. At, we have several elegant and
perfect choices that will meet anyones budget! Enjoy!