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Bissell DigiPro Canister Vacuum - Advanced innovation and versatility in a powerful vacuum
You may think of canister vacuums as clumsy beasts, but the 12-amp Bissell DigiPro canister vacuum
is anything but. Built with exacting attention to details and sturdy components, the vacuum is easy to
use and versatile enough for the whole house. Plus, it incorporates filtration and digital sensor
technology that automatically adjusts suction power for optimal results. Designed for bare floors and
carpet, the DigiPro's floor nozzle has edge-cleaning construction, five different heights, a 13-inch
cleaning path, and a wide headlight. You can adjust suction with the variable power controls, using low
for delicates, economy for normal cleaning, and high for ground-in dirt. Or, leave it on automatic to
make use of Bissell's digital detection system. The 5-row brush roll can be switched off if necessary,
and the wand telescopes to accommodate different user heights or hard-to-reach tasks. The washable
HEPA filtration is a boon to allergy sufferers--it traps up to 99.9 percent of ragweed, dust mites, and
pollen. The DigiPro is useful for above-floor jobs and stairways, too, with a compact shape that fits
onto stairs, and a dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice attachment stored onboard. Handy extras
include a bag-change indicator, fingertip switches, automatic cord rewind, and oversized toe-tap
buttons. Large casters, swivel-glide wheels, and a comfortable carrying handle enhance
maneuverability. For storage, the nozzle can be parked in two places on the canister, which stores
either upright or horizontal. Bissell includes 12 extra vacuum bags to get you started. --Emily Bedard
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