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									Finding corporate event entertainment that entertains, educates and motivates
audiences can be difficult. Ricky Kalmon, the most requested hypnotist in the country,
uses his own brand of humor to engage his audience. As motivational speaker, he
tailors his presentations to a desired business theme. With his unique skills, he can
engage the audience in self-evaluation all the while giving them valuable professional

Kalmons corporate event entertainment will not bore audiences as others have done in
the past. His repertoire includes appearances on Fox, FX, E, and Comedy Central in
addition to his own show on the TV Guide channel, Seeing Stars. Kalmon has
completed presentations for companies ranging from Abercrombie and Fitch to Blue
Cross Blue Shield to Pepsi Cola.

As a keynote speaker, Kalmon has created The Subconscious Makeover. He focuses
on the following tenants: belief, empowerment, autonomy, attitude and confidence.
His presentations aim to relieve stress, offer professional tips, build confidence and
inspire audience members.

Kalmon maximizes on interaction with the audience. He speaks with them, rather than
at them. This engagement makes his presentations more effective and more
entertainment. Rather than use gimmicks, Kalmon uses skill and humor to make a
difference in uninspired employees.

Kalmons motivational speeches as part of corporate event entertainment will keep
audience members talking for ages about their great experience. All of this and a
customized presentation can turn around a work force, increasing energy,
brainstorming, and motivation. After participating in Kalmons presentation, audience
members will have new tools for personal and professional development.

Dont let your corporate event entertainment be boring and unhelpful. There are
numerous resources to help engage audience members and offer them useful
information created specifically for them.

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